Startup Mentoring

Startup education should be free. It’s usually not, especially in countries like Italy, and tbh I hate this.

I’d like to address the issue by allocating some of my time for 20-minutes chats with founders who’d like to discuss their venture.


  1. You’re no more than seed stage
  2. You did your homework: you can discuss your idea problem, solution, market, implementation, team, etc
  3. You’re serious about being/becoming a founder: it’s not just a secret wish


1. Who’s this for?

Anyone from “I have an idea and nowhere to start” to “I already raised once”. If you already raised well, I don’t feel I can be of any help

2. Why is everything in English!?

You can’t build a global company if English is an issue

3. Why make me apply, instead of going for a first-in-first-served approach?

  • A. it proves commitment
  • B. I can understand if I can or can’t help you in advance
  • C. I can control the queue order, and arbitrarily prioritise (eg. female founders)
  • D. I can already ask a bunch of startup-stuff I’d ask anyway, to save time for our chat!

4. I’m a founder / investor, and I’d like to contribute

Send over a DM!

Apply here: