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I’m Gian (pronounced “jan”), short for Gianluca. I love to spend my days mixing data, code, and product design to build things that people love.

I’m currently at Replit, where I’m the founding growth engineer. My job entails building the tools that help us grow and understand our users base, laying down the infrastructure to improve our bottom line, and shipping tons of experiments.

Previously, I founded Uniwhere, a mobile app that uses data to help college students make better decision for their career. It automatically parsed students’ academic records through distributed data scraping, and matched them with an ontology of the job market to suggest users the best career paths. We grew to over 600k users organically, a third of the market where we were active, with 0 marketing budget. In late 2021 we sold it.

I love to learn and I love to tell the world about what I learn. You can find me fairly often as a speaker at meetups and conferences. In 2019, one of my talks was showcased by Google as one of their top 40 tech talks of the year worldwide.

In 2016, I was awarded Italian of the Year by the Italian Embassy in Germany. During my college years, I founded the biggest student-led theatre company in Italy.

I’m also publishing a private newsletter on what I’m thinking and what I’m building. Join it here:


  • Droidcon APAC 2020: Remote is here. Now what? video
  • Deutsche Bildung Frankfurt 2020: Hyperproductivity in the age of defocus
  • Google Developer Festival Italy 2020: Remote is here. Now what? slides
  • University of Padua - Economics and Management 2019: Startup: A Very Peculiar Company (italian) slides
  • Google DevFest Venice 2019: Don’t do native if you want VC money! slides video
  • University of Münster 2018: Hacking growth: 0 to 100k with science and creativity to get to product-market fit • slides
  • Google DevFest Venice 2018: Reverse Engineering of Mobile APIs
  • Startup Italia Open Summit 2018: Robotics and The Future of Employability
  • Microsoft Azure Meetup Berlin 2017: Deploy your AI model in production with Azure
  • App Promotion Summit Berlin 2017: From 0 to 100K users with 0 marketing budget slides
  • University of Padua 2017: What is a startup? slides event page
  • University of Trento 2017: How should you raise VC money? slides
  • Google DevFest Venice 2017: Simple Introduction to Machine Learning slides
  • Google DevFest Berlin 2016: Improve Your App Ratings Using Machine Learning slides event page


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